Coaching with Natalie

Do you feel as though you aren’t achieving anything and missing out on designing the life that you dream of?

If you aren’t living the life of your dream, how does that feel for you?

Do you feel like a train off of its tracks, misaligned in life?

Are you exhausted pretending to be happy when you really aren’t?

Do you feel disconnected from yourself when you look in the mirror?

Do you feel stuck, like there’s more to life but don’t know what to do?

Does your life look great on the outside but inside you feel horrible?

Are you having a difficult time making big life decisions?

I’ve spent years pulling back all the layers I had to put on to survive in order to get to the core truth of who I am and why I am here. I am proud to share that I have invested the majority of my time and money in my life thus far into my own personal transformation to come back to my authentic self. Every single moment and penny was beyond worth it.

I love the life that I get to live today, and I would love to share with you what worked for me so that you do not have to waste a moment longer of this precious life that we get to have. 

Commit To Yourself

Why Coaching?

Most often when we aren’t living in alignment with our authentic self, it can create dis-ease in the mind and body. This can look like: confusion over what to do with life, having a difficult time making decisions, feeling stressed or anxious, dissatisfaction with your current job and relationships. I provide coaching services that guide you to overcome your challenges, reclaim your power, and live a successful, authentic life.

  • Receive guidance in overcoming limiting beliefs and accessing your authentic self
  • Gain tools to help you overcome confusion, stress, and anxiety in order to tap into your creative potential  
  • Heighten your awareness by developing clarity around the root cause of challenges 
  • Access various healing modalities to support in mending foundational wounds
  • Understand your triggers and learn how to navigate them in a healthy way
  • Accept and love the rejected parts of yourself to start to feel whole again 
  • Integrate newfound insights into day-to-day life and relationships dynamics 
  • Become the leader of your life by reclaiming your inner power
  • Embrace your authentic self by connecting your head with your heart 
  • Increase your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness
  • Discover new ways to build your life around your authentic goals and desires
  • Carve your path to success in life by taking action from an aligned state of being 

I  provide transformational, mind-body coaching for those who are deeply committed to reclaiming their lives by bringing forth their authentic selves. Using Social Neuroscience, Eastern Spirituality, Jungian-based shadow work, and embodiment practices, I will guide you to build awareness for what’s holding you back, take you through exercises to re-integrate the rejected parts of yourself, and to embody your truest self.

Invest in Yourself

How much will it cost you to be in the same place in 6 months?

If you haven’t been able to figure it out on your own, why continue on and not ask for help?

Why just survive when you could be thriving?

Coaching Packages

3 Month Coaching Package


6 Coaching Calls

6 Month Coaching PAckage


12 Coaching Calls

Now is a good time.