Sovereign Soul Leadership™

Private 1:1 Coaching Program

It’s important to deeply commit to growing even when it gets challenging – the toughest moments can ultimately define who you are as a leader.  This means to experience lasting change – to truly grow – and to rise fully into our leadership we must be rooted in integrity in our inner work.

As a coach, I am honored to be in service to support you along the way. 

Do you feel deep down that you are meant to be in service in a bigger way?

Do you feel that you just have been “rearranging your furniture,” not finding lasting change?

Do you feel called to rise up in leadership but you’re unsure of how to take the steps forward?

Are you feeling blocked and frustrated and can’t figure out what’s blocking or stopping you from making progress on your goals? 

Are you struggling between trying to maintain an appearance of how you think people want you to be vs. being who you actually are

Discovering Your Sovereign Soul Leadership

Intention ◍ Mindset ◍ Awareness

To fully step into your leadership and to leave an impact, it is key to be rooted in the sovereignty of your soul. This is about self-mastery, taking ownership of your life, and leading with the gifts of your sovereign soul. This is where you move into creating from your higher purpose.

When you are motivated with a strong intention to lead from a place of service, it is key to build your awareness of your mindset so that you can get out of your own way and move forward with clarity. 

Coaching helps you to build your mindset so that: 

  1. You can live your life and lead from a place of sovereignty 
  2. You can get out of your own way and connect with the purpose of your soul 

When You Stand in Your Sovereign Soul Leadership, You Will Lead With:

Self-empowerment and life-affirming actions
Intuition, tapping into your wisdom and bravery to follow it 
Confidence in your innate gifts and your ability to create from the
Alignment to take action around your soul’s purpose
Embodiment and wisdom of you whole body’s intelligence 
Truth of who you really are, a sovereign soul
Trust in yourself, your vision, and humanity

Explore Program Offerings

There is so much information on the web these days, so having a personal coach is a game changer when it comes to wanting to up-level your leadership. I mindfully create a curated coaching experience uniquely designed for you, intuitively guiding you and sharing resources and tools specific to your unique challenges. Combining intuitive coaching with a keen ability to find the right resources catered to your specific challenges, I provide you with a custom growth experience. 


3 Month Program

6 Private 1:1 Sessions

Email Support

Guided Meditations

Session Recordings


6 Month Program

12 Private 1:1 Sessions

Email Support

Guided Meditations

Session Recordings

Bonus Clarity Workshop

Start With a Free Clarity Session

Book a free clarity session with me to explore how you can step into your sovereignty. See how it works below.

1. Book Your Free Clarity Session

Follow your intuition to take a first step towards gaining your clarity.

2. Connect with Natalie for the 1:1 Clarity Session

Enjoy a free 30-minute session to gain clarity on your goals and how I can help you reach them.

3. Commit to Taking Action

Explore actionable steps towards your goals and see if coaching is a good fit.

Program Benefits

Create intimacy with the most uncomfortable parts of yourself
Bring awareness to your shadow parts and work on integrating them
Transcend the ego – move from identifying with the ego to the soul
Shift from operating from your head space to your whole body’s intelligence 
Claim/Reclaim the sovereignty of your soul
Build confidence, strength, and sovereignty around your soul’s gift 
Learn to acknowledge and cultivate your soul’s purpose
Address the friction that arises out of your soul’s unique challenges
Shift from seeking external validation to leading by self-affirming 
Actualize your knowledge through embodiment and action

What Others Are Saying About Private Coaching

“I’ve just completed the breakthrough coaching program with Natalie. Each session was extremely helpful. Her techniques, such as guided meditation or personality tests, to dig into issues I am facing are nothing like I have experienced before and I absolutely love them. I look forward to continuing working with her to resolve and move forward with issues happening within myself and my life.”

– Catherine M.