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Natalie Priyanka Mal
Integrative & Jungian Coaching

The unique coaching process I employ is called Co-Creative Sovereignty™, which is based on the premise that through our co-created relationship we can uplift you to reconnect with your innermost sovereign self. This will give you a catalytic opportunity to awaken the conscious creator within you, grow your inner spark of life, and shine your radiance outwards.

Coaching is a very special dynamic between coach and client. The coach is equipped with tools to guide the client into their own answers while trusting that all the answers are already within. The co-creative coaching relationship helps to inspire the remembrance of your own brilliance and infinite soul potential. I commit to create and hold a safe space for you throughout the entire duration of the immersion programs.

I aim to guide you in building awareness for what’s holding you back and empowering you to resource solutions. We will use techniques such as Jungian Shadow Work, Theta Hypnosis Meditation, and Yogic Mind-Body exercises to support the integration of your growth. This will lead you to be able to fully embody your truest self and channel your creativity for impactful success. 

My unique style of coaching is designed to support you in individuating and expanding your consciousness. As you learn to know yourself in a deeper way, you will build confidence to work through any personal or professional challenge. By understanding why you react in certain ways, you can overcome what holds you back from what you desire and be able to live in your purpose. 

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These programs provide immersive experiences for accelerated growth.

Jungian Psychology, Individuation

Make the unconscious, conscious to understand what is holding you back

The individuation process, developed by Carl Jung, is one that encourages bringing unconscious content into conscious awareness. This material helps us to see that everything that appears external to use is actually a reflection of what’s happening internally. In order to shift our external reality, we must shift our internal so that we can live from our psychological wholeness, our true self.

Yogic Based Mind-Body (Embodiment) Practices

Recalibrate your nervous system to work for you, not against you 

Using mindfulness based
Yoga and Breath Work exercises that cater to what you are specifically going through to help you to move and release stagnant energy (e-motion / energy in motion) through the body. The mind directs the healing and your body processes the energy. This strengthens your mind-body connection.   

Theta Brainwave Visualizations

Use visualization and active imagination to connect with the creative part within you

In a theta meditative state, you can access your unconscious mind and work through deeper blocks with less resistance. Here you can rewire your mind to orient away from its conditioning and towards its original essence. As you connect with this soulful part of you, the flow of creativity will become more available to you.

On the outside my life looked amazing, but on the inside I was quietly suffering and just getting by.

What didn’t make sense was that I was achieving so much, but I did not feel fulfilled. The truth was that I kept trying to live my life based on other’s expectations. By living that way, I was disembodied, burnt out, always pushing, disconnected, distracted, confused, blaming, afraid, and overwhelmed. I denied myself my true passions, curiosities, and loving nature.

Living misaligned, I thought if I relentlessly rearranged the external and physical world that I would find relief. I didn’t experience real change until I turned inward and went deeper with my transformation and personal development. I sought the support of psycho-spiritual coaches, holistic healers, and somatic therapists. I allowed myself the space and time to reconnect with my creative side by painting, hosting creativity workshops, and being in nature. I experienced clarity as a result of nourishing my soul. 

I began to embody a more authentic version of myself, and it felt incredibly liberating. I knew I was meant to share this knowledge with others.

With my background in Cognitive Science (BA from University of California, Berkeley) and having worked for Tony Robbins (internationally recognized life and business strategist), I was inspired to serve others by bridging together everything that I have learned into being a coach. 

My Jungian Life Coach Training is based in Eastern Philosophy (Foundation of Yoga), the Psychology of Carl Jung (Spiritual Psychologist), and Social Neuroscience (Latest Research). Combined holistically with my training in Theta Brainwave Guided Visualization(Active Imagination + Hypnosis), these lend for a powerful approach to coming back to one’s true Self. I am also a Registered Yoga Teacher.

Today I hold a deeper understanding that we are so much more than our minds.

We can forget this in our modern, fast-paced world and lose touch with our infinite nature and our innate creativity. It is so nourishing for our souls to seek higher wisdom, connect with daily spiritual practice, intentionally expand our psychology, and care for our physical body and environments. This aligns with our creative consciousness to not only imagine the visions that we want to create but to also to bring them to life.

In addition to my work as a coach, I also hold a Bachelors in Fine Art (UC Berkeley), and I love to express my creativity through painting. I encourage everyone to feed their unique creative passions. You can see some of my select works here

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Receiving coaching has been instrumental in my life, and I am so grateful for all my mentors who have uplifted me to be someone who can pay what I have learned forward and be in service to my community.

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