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My name is Natalie Mal. I work with Health and Wellness Professionals who experience challenges creating content for their own unique program. I offer Content and Life Coaching Services, which are unique because I help professionals overcome limiting beliefs, bring forth their creative genius, and empower them with the tools to develop cohesive, organized, and successful programs. 

This is different from other consultants or coaches because I am trained as both a content developer, having worked for top thought leaders like Tony Robbins, and a life coach, having studied methodologies from top psychiatrists. 

Natalie’s Story

When I was growing up, my parents worked a lot – they were both always stressed and with four kids they had a lot on their plates. When they split, it was very difficult for my siblings and I, we moved over six times to different homes between both parents, dragging all our things from home-to-home every few days as our parents split every week having us. Our lives were chaotic and money was often spread thin, but we always had each other. 

Despite these unstable circumstances, I grew up fascinated with the world around me – nature, people, education, and more. I was a wide-eyed, curious kid always full of wonder. I was not only sharp but also highly intuitive, observational, and aware. In turn, I excelled academically, graduating at the top of my class. 

Unfortunately addiction has played a vicious role in my family, contributing to many difficult moments we have endured together. I have watched the people I loved the most escape life through substance abuse and not want to live. I’ve even lost several relatives to substance abuse, I hadn’t even had the chance to meet them because their lives were gone too early. It has broken my heart time and time again – to the point where experiencing this and my own resulting challenges awakened something deep inside me. 

There are so many layers under addiction that often go misunderstood, and while I was growing up I knew that I wanted to do something to help heal and empower people like me and my family to have better lives.

But first, my own healing journey began, and as I focused on mending my broken heart I began to change and evolve. I began to realize and genuinely understand that my empathy is my superpower. This deep empathy that I gained from my personal experiences has inspired my desire to learn and to understand more about the human experience. 

I wanted to understand every angle, so I took a holistic approach – I went on to earn my bachelors in Cognitive Science (emphasis in Psychology) and Fine Art from the University of California, Berkeley, gaining an interdisciplinary understanding of the inner workings of our creative and magnificent brains. 

In addition to my academic studies, I also studied the system of Yoga. The aim of my education was to understand the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit and how humans create meaning in their lives. 

My studies brought so much vibrance and growth to my own life, and since then I have gone on to take numerous workshops, training, and educational programs to heal myself and to learn various tools and approaches to healing. 

My investment into myself has healed and blossomed my heart in the most profound and beautiful way. Having been that person who has been frustrated – unable to communicate what I want to say, feeling my voice blocked, and unable to organize my ideas – I have been through the trenches to find my self-worth, self-confidence, and value to bring power to my voice and message. And now, I feel incredibly inspired to disseminate what I have learned – I know that these tools and approaches mean life or death to many, and accessibility is everything.  

I learned so much when I worked my first job – which was directly supporting world renowned Business Strategist and Motivational Coach Tony Robbins, serving as his Creative Content Development Specialist. Our team supported all his content needs for his live events all around the world, I would be preparing him for his stage time and moving swiftly to coordinate with our live events team.  

Traveling helped me to gain perspective of the different challenges different cultures experience as well as the similar challenges that are regardless of geographic location. The road to entrepreneurialism opened up for me working under Tony Robbins. I got to see what was possible when people chose to build their own businesses, and it became so critical to me the importance of reaching people and the importance of sharing valuable information and tools. 

From then on, I started to work with clients, offering content services in support of live events, products, services, websites, etc.  around the topics of personal and business development. I’ve had the privilege to work with the incredible minds of Dr. Meredith Sagan of the MindAlign Institute for Personal Growth as well as Dr. Yasmin Davidds of the Multicultural Women’s Executive Leadership Program and the Women’s Institute of Negotiation. 

All the while I have maintained my own commitment to my growth, continuing to take workshops and to developing myself to better support those who I get to work with. I have also gone on to earn my Yoga Teacher Certification as well. 

It is my absolute passion to empower others with tools to support healing and create deeper meaning in their lives. My holistic, heart-centered, and strategic approach to my consulting and coaching helps to widen perspectives to see more opportunities than challenges, to empower knowledgeable voices, and to reach those who need valuable information to live full lives.  

Let’s make something together.