About Natalie

Artist ◮ Facilitator ◭ Writer

Natalie Mal is a Holistic, Interdisciplinary Thinker & Creator. She is inspired with a purpose to empower others to their potential through transformative artwork, content, and workshops.

In 2020, she co-founded the Co-Creative Consciousness to further her work. The Co-Creative Consciousness hosts workshops that contribute to the development of higher levels of consciousness. The workshops educate using a whole systems approach.

Prior to this endeavor, Natalie had the honor of working directly with Tony Robbins, an internationally recognized life and business strategist, to conduct several of his live events around the world as a creative lead. Since then, Natalie has carved her own career path by independently creating content and programs for top influential companies and business leaders.

She has co-written content for three online courses hosted by SUCCESS Academy, the digital learning division of SUCCESS Magazine. Natalie spearheaded the formation of industry leading psychiatrist, Dr. Meredith Sagan’s MindAlign Institute for Personal Growth. She also co-created two books on Dr. Sagan’s cutting-edge mindfulness methodology.

Most recently, Natalie worked as a Program Manager for the Multicultural Women’s Executive Leadership Program (MWELP) and the Women’s Institute for Negotiation (WIN). These programs empower women professionals with the knowledge, skills and tools to accelerate their development into executive ranks for increasing optimal business performance. 

Natalie holds a BA in Cognitive Science and Fine Art from University of California, Berkeley. During her studies, Natalie’s curiosity and dynamic perspective led her to design and co-facilitate an undergraduate course called “Art & Science” for two academic semesters.

Natalie is devoted to personal growth for herself and the world, and she is especially invested in the evolution of human consciousness. In her free time, Natalie enjoys quality time with family and friends, facilitating a monthly women’s group, creating art, practicing yoga, listening to music, and hiking. 

Natalie currently works out of her Creative Studio located in the Arts District of Los Angeles.