Leadership Coach

I coach leaders to create conscious impact by guiding them to get out of their own ways and enriching their soul. Connect with your sovereign soul’s purpose through Jungian shadow work, mind-body embodiment practices based in Eastern Philosophy, and social neuroscience.

I spent a lot of my life living in my head, achieving so much and still not feeling fulfilled. I kept trying to live my life based on other’s expectations. By living that way, what life looked like for me was disembodied, burnt out, always pushing, disconnected, distracted, confused, blaming, afraid, and overwhelmed.

Consequently, I experienced immense suffering in all areas of my life. Living misaligned, I thought if I relentlessly rearranged everything that I would find relief. I didn’t experience real change until I turned inward and went deeper with my healing and personal development. With the support of healers, coaches, and therapists as well as completing certifications in Yoga and Jungian Life Coaching, I experienced clarity. 

Having practiced Yoga for over ten years and earning a certification to teach, I learned how to get out of my head as each day I showed up to practice I came deeper into a remembrance that I am so much more than my mind. I knew I was meant to share this knowledge with others. 

With my background in Cognitive Science (BA from University of California, Berkeley) and having worked for Tony Robbins (internationally recognized life and business strategist), I was inspired to serve others by bridging together everything that I have learned into being a coach.  

My Jungian Life Coach Training is based in Eastern philosophy (which is the foundation of Yoga), the psychology of Carl Jung (spiritual psychologist), and social neuroscience. Combined holistically, these lend for a powerful approach to coming back to one’s true Self.

My intention with coaching is two fold: To give you clear guidance and tools that can support you to move forward on this path of remembrance, and to empower you to empower yourself into your highest sovereign soul leadership

It’s with immense joy and honor to share coaching with you! 
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Coaching Philosophy

Life coaching is a very special dynamic between coach and client where the coach is equipped with tools to guide the client into his/her own answers, trusting that all the answers are already within. This relationship helps to create the remembrance of the client’s own brilliance and infinite soul potential. 

Using Social Neuroscience, Eastern Spirituality, and Jungian-Based Shadow Work, I guide you in building awareness for what’s holding you back, reflect back to you your limitless possibility, and empower you to resource solutions. Taking you through mind-body exercises to support in the integration of your growth to fully embody your truest self and create the life you know you are meant to live.

This style of coaching is designed to support us in individuating and increasing our conscious awareness. What does this all mean? It means that it helps us to understand ourselves, why we might react to things in a certain way, what might be holding us back from what we desire, how to overcome both personal and professional challenges, how to access your soul’s creative gifts, and how to build a life around your purpose

It can be scary sometimes to be seen in our darkness and our light as well as having an objective mirror who can reflect back to you, but the courage and bravery to be vulnerable will bring so much back to you. To me, this type of “inner exploration” of how we get to show up in our own lives is the way forward of how to create the world we want to live in. This type of work can be especially powerful when you choose to intentionally step into the fire of transformation.

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