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“Natalie is a compassionate mirror. Through our sessions I was able to understand why I did certain things and figured out new ways to do things that are more productive and helpful, in personal life and in business.

I have never come across anyone in 46 years that has a better capability to get to the heart of self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. Natalie asked me the tough questions to get to the roots of the blocks that were holding me back, and she coached me to a much higher potential than I was even aware I possessed the ability for. I feel that I have reached a new level where I have more self-trust, self-confidence, and inner Knowing.

I highly recommend Natalie if you are looking to be a better person, get rid of limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, or any other blocks. She has a true gift. I will be recommending Natalie to everyone I speak to that wants to be a better person. I will be coming back to Natalie for future guidance as my business grows over the years. I would give her a million stars.”

Dusty R.
Owner & Founder

“It was such a sacred, pure, and intentional container, it was very held. During our session I released energy that I had been holding from family that I know now I didn’t need to carry. I felt safe to let of a heavy sadness within me, and I realized that this is what I really needed – just space to feel it. I felt sovereign, confident, and clear after our session. My third eye felt like it had been widened, and I now move forward ready to celebrate this new chapter of my life where I feel I no longer will be playing small. For Natalie to move forward in the coaching industry in this type of way is very needed. I am so thankful for the session we did together.”

Amparo R.
Spiritual Guide

“Having Natalie as a coach allowed me to really explore the repressed thoughts and emotions I’ve been carrying and holding for all my life. With her tender guidance and leading I was able to explore my inner/true self to see and explore motivations, emotional needs and diffuse self defeating patterns/triggers. I’m thankful for the time I got to work on me, which is rare for me to put my needs first. Working together allowed me to move from reacting unconsciously to having a more conscious response to people and events. The practices we discussed and implemented allowed me to slow things in life down to see them for what they really are, and allowed me to validate my own needs and advocate for them. Overall, I feel I have discovered more of myself, understand my needs more clearly and have a renewed sense of purpose/intention in all of life. Natalie’s coaching style is warm, inviting, and easy to trust. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking the things I’ve mentioned above.”


“The amount of clarity I have gained since working with Natalie has been incredible. Her support has invaluably helped me organize and better understand my psyche and soul. I feel clearer and life seems clearer no matter where I look. I am beyond grateful for the space Natalie has held for me throughout my process; I feel truly seen, heard, understood and supported.”

Laura M.
Yoga Instructor

“Natalie holds such a safe and loving space for me in our sessions together. I instantly felt at ease and trusted her. Her calm and present demeanor helped me relax fully. I love that she took the time to get to know me before and offered more time for integration after. She is generous and really cares to support in a lasting way. I gained some insights during our session that helped me see and integrate a challenging moment in childhood in a way that was very healing. I feel more equipped to ask myself supportive questions help me to feel loved and seen. As well as free to move forward from that with compassion and see the truth. Thank you for your love and support Natalie.”

Angela P.
Life Coach

“Natalie is a true gift. She is extremely intuitive and her genuine care and excitement for her client’s growth truly allows for accelerated transformations. I am beyond grateful for my time with her and I’ve achieved all of my goals and more. Anyone who has the blessing to work with Natalie will go far! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Kundalini Teacher, Life Coach

“I have not only enjoyed my work with Natalie but she also supported me to move through some difficult emotions. She always showed up fully present, supportive, and nurturing. I could tell how committed she was to support me through the process. Natalie brings her skills, intuition and her whole being to her coaching sessions. I highly recommend working with her.”

Kavita M.
Intuitive Leadership Coach

“Working with Natalie helped me begin to heal at a very deep level, accessing parts of my psyche I could not reach on my own. She creates an incredible container for difficult emotions and is a compassionate, empathetic witness. Her gentle, intuitive approach allowed me to do the work of finding my deeper truths. I came away from our sessions humbled and hopeful.”

Content Marketer and Life Coach

“Coaching with Natalie was a wonderful experience – Natalie creates a space that is warm, non-judgmental and full of hope. In our time together I felt that I got to learn an entirely new approach to self-work using shadow work. As a therapist, this was really fun and engaging for me to learn a different way of opening up to new possibilities and remembering my inner power and strength. I came in with the goal of wanting to build my self-confidence, and I left feeling like I had more of an ability to bring my authentic self into everything that I value.”

Priscilla T.
Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

“It was special to explore my formative years and to be seen and experience healing. My biggest takeaway was the removal of shame, and getting closer to believing in my own innate goodness on a deeper level.”

Social Worker

“My experience with Natalie was truly transformative. She has such a calm and supportive presence and is able to hold the space for you to open up places you were unable to before. If you want to create clarity, insight and unlimited possibilities in your life, I highly recommend working with Natalie!”

Cindy S.
Life Coach

“I’ve just completed the 3 month immersion program with Natalie. Each session was extremely helpful. Her techniques, such as guided meditation or personality tests, to dig into challenges I am facing are nothing like I have experienced before and I absolutely love them. I look forward to continuing working with her to resolve and move forward with issues happening within myself and my life.”

Catherine M.
Project Manager, Scrum Master

“In my first managerial position I was feeling a little lost and not sure how to structure and organize my days. Natalie gave me some really useful tools and tips on how to organize my days, prioritize tasks, and effectively manage different teams of people. I have taken the de-stress tools that Natalie taught me and apply them daily. Blocking off time for “Focus Time” to complete tasks without interruption, and taking time to step away and refresh my brain throughout the day are just a couple of things Natalie taught me that I am doing regularly to help optimize productivity. Thank you for everything Natalie!!”

Ashley C.

“Incredibly grateful to have spent time with Natalie developing as a transformational leader. In only a handful of sessions we explored blockers that were holding me back from being the brightest version of myself. As a result of our sessions, I am more confident, empathetic and better able to cope with stress. Highly recommend Natalie to anyone looking to become a better leader (and person in general)! She is adaptable to your needs and provides a wealth of great resources to use in sessions and beyond.”

Josephine K.

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