Art and Science

Art and Science

UC Berkeley 2013-2014

Art and Science are separate words yet extremely connected worlds. When we connect different areas of art with science, it can inspire our creativity!

I co-founded a course focusing on Art and Science at UC Berkeley for the academic year 2013-2014. This course was modeled on The Senior Reflection course developed at Stanford.

Students of all science-related majors and students interested in science were invited to undertake a creative project based on areas of scientific passion. This DeCal was meant to provide an experience for those who seek to combine their love of art and science in a single, culminating work.

Any creative medium or combination of media could be used to explore a concept of personal interest in science. Students participated in creative workshops (based on art and science) to help them brainstorm about their own projects. These workshops occasionally had a guest speaker. Once they proposed to the facilitators their project, the rest of the DeCal was geared towards helping them create their project. In the middle of the semester, the students learned how to write a press release, which will be a crucial skill for them to know how to present their work in the world of art and/or science. The students also wrote a reflection paper on their project and the importance of art and science. At the end of the semester, the students curated a show to showcase their projects.

Check out the two shows – The Creative Consciousness 2013 and The Multimedia Extravaganza 2014 – below.

Creative Consciousness – Berkeley 2013

The Art & Science DeCal course I co-founded in conjunction with the Synesthesia Association at Berkeley hosted its first art show and science exhibit showcasing original student artwork for members of the community intrigued by the intersections between art and science.

We hoped to foster a sense of community and interdisciplinary appreciation through exploring science through art and art through science, witnessing all the ways it applies from everything to medicine, cartography, technology and beyond. It was an exploration of these two dynamic fields and the connections they exhibit in a new and conscious way.

The Multimedia Extravaganza – Berkeley 2014

This was an evening of light, motion, music, technology, innovation, and dance! In addition to interactive installations, live performances, and a jam room by the Multimedia Orchestra at Berkeley, the event featured original art made by students of the UC Berkeley Art & Science DeCal and the Synesthesia Association at Berkeley. This extravaganza was an exploration of the intersection of live performance, technology, science, and art.