Jungian Life Coach, Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, Creativity Workshop Facilitator, and Artist

Most of the time our heart knows deep down what we really want. It whispers the truth to us, but sometimes it’s hard to hear or trust.

I provide guidance for those who are looking to learn how to live from love in the face of their fears, to reclaim their power, to overcome their challenges, and to live a life true to their hearts desires.

Together we embark on a compassionate and transformative journey to support in bridging your mind-body connection, overcoming limiting beliefs, rising up in your creative genius, and stepping into your infinite potential to live life fully.

Let’s amplify what your heart is communicating to you and open up inspiration for you to create.

“Bridge your mind with your heart and clarity will come.”

Natalie Mal

Private Coaching Sessions

Yoga / Mindfulness Sessions

Mindful Creativity Workshops