Consulting with Natalie

Do you feel frustrated wanting to share everything you know and don’t know how?

Have you ever written paragraphs and paragraphs of content and then reading back over not finding any real value in it?

Have you ever sat in front of a screen to write content for your website knowing what you need to share but you just started staring blank at the screen not knowing what to write?

Do you feel stuck and unsure of what’s holding you back from designing the program of your dreams?

Do you have so much knowledge that you aren’t sure where to start to share with people?

Do you want to expand your reach and increase your ability to generate more income?

I know what it’s like to have so much bottled up inside that so eagerly is trying to find a way out. I have been someone who:

  • Doubted my ability to share my authentic voice and gifts
  • Wore a mask, thinking that it was the only way to survive in this world. 
  • Feared that there was no place in the world for what I needed to share
  • Felt my ideas stuck inside me dying to find a way out of my body and mind and into creation
  • Knew I wanted to help others but didn’t know how 
  • Hid my deepest dreams a secret from myself and others 
  • Self-sabotaged my own success because I felt unworthy of being successful

I’ve spent years pulling back all the layers I had to put on to survive in order to get to the core truth of who I am and why I am here. I am proud to share that I have invested the majority of my time and money in my life thus far into my own personal transformation to come back to my authentic self. Every single moment and penny was beyond worth it.

I love the life that I get to live today, and I would love to share with you what worked for me so that you do not have to waste a moment longer of this precious life that we get to have. 

Bring Your VIsion to Life

It’s your time to amplify your voice. 

People need to learn the knowledge you have, especially now. It’s time to give your content a voice.  


  • You deserve better – It’s time to be successfully producing programs.
  • Your voice deserves to be heard – your message needs to be shared and programs are a great way to get your messages out there.
  • These ventures aren’t meant to be easy – but you have the strength to get through the challenges and share what you are meant to share. 

I provide content consulting and coaching for health and wellness professionals who are looking to create programs that share their wisdom and knowledge. 

Not only have I supported content development needs for top thought leaders such as Tony Robbins, I also have spent years learning about how our human mind-body-soul system works through educational programs and through my experience as both a Registered Yoga Teacher and Life Coach

I will guide you to build awareness for the limiting beliefs that are  holding you back and support you to integrate and embody your true, authentic voice. From this place of clarity, I will guide you on how to organize your ideas into a concise and powerful program and empower you with the tools and resources to build it out of the program.

I Offer You: 

  • Guidance – Lead you into clarity to clearly articulate your content by guiding them into clarity by accessing their authentic self through compassionate insight, mind-body exercises, and practical tools for daily life.  
  • Wisdom – Coaching them to uncover and organize their unique offerings and content for their program. Wisdom from years of overcoming my own challenges, learning from numerous workshops
  • Experience – Provide tools and resources to support in building out the program of their dreams. Experience from years of supporting top leaders to develop and share their content 
  • Accountability – We are going to make this happen. You should be sharing your knowledge already now, reaching more people, and in turn making more money. I will help you to create that path. 

Step 1: Schedule a Discovery Call 

Step 2: Create a Plan 

Step 3: Execute the Plan

Invest in Yourself

How much will it cost you to be in the same place in 6 months?

If you haven’t been able to figure it out on your own, why continue on and not ask for help?

Why just survive when you could be thriving?

Schedule a Free Consultation

Work with me to find clarity of your voice and your content, to create systems to generate and share content, and be able to create the impact you were here to create. It’s worth it to spend the time to get CLEAR – people won’t want to buy your product if they do not know what they are getting, if they cannot understand what it is about. 

  • Gain clarity in your message and content 
  • Empower your voice to feel confident in sharing your programs 
  • Equip yourself with systems and tools to organize your content and to help you feel prepared
  • Unleash your inspiration to be a creative, original content creator 
  • Receive guidance in overcoming limiting beliefs and accessing your authentic self
  • Gain tools to help you overcome confusion, stress, and anxiety in order to tap into your creative potential and take the next steps in creating content 
  • Heighten your awareness by developing clarity around the root cause of challenges 
  • Discover new ways to build your life around your authentic goals and desires
  • Receive support to develop original content inspired by your unique knowledge and wisdom 
  • Learn strategies on how to organize and design your program in a digestible and clear way for clients 
  • Tap into your vulnerability and confidence to generate meaningful messages to share your much needed wisdom and knowledge with others 

Imagine all the frustration and anxiety of how you are feeling melted away, where you wake up feeling empowered and inspired with systems and tools in place to help you generate your content and keep creating. 

I will take you from overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused trying to figure out how to make your mark on the world to feeling empowered, inspired, and equipped with the tools and systems you need to generate your original content and to continue creating and building. 

When you work with me – 

  • Your life will be full of creative potential. 
  • You will feel awakened and empowered to put your content out there, to have programs, to be impacting people’s lives, and to be making the mark you were here to create. 
  • Your messaging will feel unique, cohesive and powerful.  
  • You will attract clients who need to learn what you have to share. 

If you don’t work with me – 

  • You will stay on your island of ideas – What will it cost you in 6 months to be in the same place of where you are right now?
  • You will withhold knowledge that people who need to know are suffering without. – Why wait when people need what you have to share online right now, especially in these times of COVID?
  • You will remain confused about how to put your message out there – How will it feel to continue trying to figure it out on your own when you should be out there shining and helping people?

Now is a good time.