Natalie Mal is an abstract painter who uses experimental combinations of color and textures inspired by natural elements. She explores the dimensions of the human mind by creating layers of intuitive mark making and unique tactile materials. Viewing her psychologically inspired works of art is a highly subjective and visceral experience.

As an abstract painter, Natalie ingests current findings in cognitive science to fuel her nonrepresentational landscapes. Learning deeply about the human mind from multiple perspectives serves as a catalysis for her complex forms and layers. She embraces unconventional processes to portray inner frameworks.

With the large scale of her paintings, she magnifies the cellular processes within us to bring to the surface that which we cannot see but can often only feel. The use of neon and earth tone colors depicts a cross roads of modern day brain imaging with organic matter, offering a unique window into understanding cognition.

Natalie’s colorful introspections and biological portrayals serve as references to how our internal and external worlds meet. While our minds exist in a physical world, they also exist in an abstract space. Bringing an investigative approach to each painting, she is pioneering a new type of brain imaging to capture the beautifully complex essence of the human experience.

Turning cognitive abstractions into abstract paintings is Natalie’s form of communication. With unusual imagery, she invites us to dive into our inner worlds, to explore them, and to communicate them. Through her paintings we experience an almost scientific phenomenon that evokes subjective feelings and sense of individuality.

Currently Natalie is spending her time deepening into her art practice and working on a new series of work. She recently was featured in VoyageLA’s magazine, click here to read the article.