Let Yourself Be Seen

It’s frightening – the moments when we think we are on track and we got everything in control but then someone says something and it shakes us. All the sudden, we can think our life has gone to shit and we are horrible. In that moment, we can sulk in our misery or we could say, “Hey that’s bullshit. Let’s not hate on ourselves and compare ourselves to other people.” To me that’s the better option, along with focusing on working hard. Why would we even give someone that power to shake us?

This makes me think about self-acceptance and just letting yourself just be and accepting yourself for where you are at. We judge ourselves too much – it’s tiring – and we don’t really need it. There’s already a lot to stress out about, so why focus on more things you don’t have but think you need.

The phrase “You’re exactly where you need to be” pops in my head and makes me wonder – ok, well if I am exactly where I need to be, why am I not happy? Why am I still looking for more? Then I have to shake myself and remember that I need to seriously be okay with where I am and who I am in the moment. That I need to do hard work if I want to achieve a certain something, make a certain amount, or whatever I aspire for in my life. It’s truly about being realistic.

If I want to achieve a dream in life, I need to be realistic. We need to be realistic. If we are going to live in a world where more and more we see the words “Follow your dream” or “Pursue your Passion” everywhere, then we better be grounded. While it’s necessary to dream and have a vision to make a difference, it’s also critical for us to be grounded to execute it and make it happen.

Why is this important? Cause if we aren’t honest with ourselves, we won’t pursue the dream. We won’t think it’s possible. We won’t think it’s in reach. We have to take the small steps, and we have to watch it grow slowly. We can’t jump from A to Z. We have to go through the journey, and a major part of that journey is being realistic and being a dreamer. It’s accepting yourself and working hard. Be real with yourself. Let’s all be real with ourselves. Hard work and dedication is what will take us far, and it’s our dreams that lead us.

We must not allow fear to prevent us. We can shape this world. It just takes discipline, persistence, motivation, tolerance, action, grit, love, vulnerability, and passion – to name a few. Let’s shape ourselves to share this world together. I believe in me. I believe in you. If you don’t know how to work hard, research how, ask for help (this is a big one!), and push yourself to do new things. Challenge will help you grow. Willingly let yourself be uncomfortable by facing challenges.

Change is the only thing constant in life, so be creative about how to face this in your life. Use it as a tool to launch you into your dream and making a difference. I need it. You need it. We need it. The world needs it. Let yourself be seen.