I am sensitive || I am tough

I am sensitive.

I am a sensitive person. I feel myself and the people around me. I am observant but strategic. I work to allow myself to be myself, and I seek to learn how to navigate about my social terrain to connect with others. I seek to learn how to not take things personally. I desire to be present. I actively am in my body, at the same time, I am aware of others. I am sensitive so I can take care of myself, so that I am staying true to myself. I am sensitive so that I can exist and collaborate with others.

I am tough. 

I am a tough person. I am learning how to take time to know what I want, what I am okay with and what I am not okay with. I speak up when I remember that it’s important to speak up or when my throat starts burning, telling me to speak. If I resist, I am lying to myself and others. I always hope when I do speak, it comes off as mindful of myself and others. If it lands off, I communicate my best to guide it back to where I meant to land. If someone else is not receptive, I am okay. I understand. Communication is an art. A dance between two people. I am tough so that I understand to not take things personally, it isn’t always about me. And if I say something “wrong,” it’s okay – we are all learning. I am tough so that I can participate in life, meaning embracing live’s challenges, taking risks, facing fears, and withstanding adverse conditions all with grace.

Creativity can come when you are sensitive and tough.

When you are aware and when you are intentional. When you are tapped into yourself and others. When you face your fears and take on challenges.